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The club meets four times per year – typically on the second Saturday of the month in March, May, August and October. In addition, the club also gathers for a Christmas party in December when members enjoy a meal using their Heisey glass.


Meetings are held in members’ homes. Meetings include:

  • Club business.

  • An educational program on an aspect of Heisey glass or other topics related to the work of A.H. Heisey and Company.

  • Refreshments and socializing.




The club holds a small auction and raffle of donated Heisey glassware during its May meeting. Funds raised through these activities are donated to the National Heisey Glass Museum.


Northwoods Heisey Club of Minnesota is a charter member of Heisey Collectors of America, Inc., which is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation dedicated to the education, preservation and encouragement of collecting fine handmade glassware produced by A.H. Heisey and Company from 1896 through 1957. 
Join the national Heisey organization.


The Northwoods Heisey Club of Minnesota formed in 2001 to provide an opportunity for people interested in glass made by the A.H. Heisey and Company to:

  • Share their common interest in Heisey glass.

  • Learn more about the glass they collect.

  • Raise funds to support the National Heisey Glass Museum in Newark, Ohio.

  • Have fun together talking about, sharing and using Heisey glass.


Anyone with an interest in Heisey glass is invited to join the Northwoods Heisey Study Club. The club currently includes members from Wisconsin as well as Minnesota, but residents of any state are welcome to join. View the club's bylaws.

Northwoods origin

Odell and Virginia Johnson, who had organized a Heisey club in Florida, decided to see if there was sufficient interest to organize a club in Minnesota. In fall 2000, they posted an invitation in the national Heisey newsletter inviting people to their home in Bloomington. Twelve people with interest and enthusiasm in the possibility of a club in Minnesota attended.

Several months later the group met again and organized the club with a constitution and by-laws as required by Heisey Collectors of America, Inc. They elected officers, set dues and established a calendar of regular meetings.

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