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Meeting minutes for May 20, 2017

The club met at the home of Doug and Mary. President Doug called the meeting to order at 1:44 p.m.

Members present were Marv and JoAnn, Bob and Bev, Virginia, Courtney and Marc, Carol and Gordon, and Doug and Mary.

Members indicated they had read minutes, which had been distributed via email. Bob moved approval; Gordon seconded the motion and minutes were approved.

Treasurer Bob distributed a report indicating that the club has a balance of $668.48 in the treasury; one member has not yet paid dues for the year. JoAnn moved approval; Carol seconded the motion and the treasurer’s report was approved.

Old business


Doug reviewed and verified the club’s schedule for the remainder of the year:

  • Aug. 12, Bob and Bev hosts

  • Oct. 14, Marv and Joann hosts

Update on logo and website

Courtney showed final artwork for the logo. She had revised the logo based on members’ suggestions at the previous meeting and then emailed out several versions with revisions. Members agreed via email upon a final version.

Courtney also showed progress she has made on the website since the April meeting. Her goal is to complete the website before the Heisey convention in mid June.

Heisey convention discussed

Seven members indicated they are going to the convention: Bob and Bev, Carol and Gordon, Courtney and Mark, and Mary. Mary will also bring a friend.

Bev agreed at the previous meeting to create a “basket” for the club to donate for the silent auction fundraiser at the convention. She showed a Heisey pitcher in the Pinwheel and Fan pattern that she plans to fill with Minnesota items in place of an actual basket.

Virginia moved to reimburse Bev for the value of the club’s donation. Carol seconded the motion and it was approved. Bev agreed to determine the value once she finished assembling the donation.

Bev reported that she will do a table display for the convention based on the Heisey in Hollywood theme. Her display will call to mind the classic film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It will feature the Kohinoor pattern in zircon and an iconic wrapped box from Tiffany jewelers.

Mary and Courtney will team up to do another display. They shared several potential ideas. Members indicated they liked the Tinseltown idea featuring the glitz of Ridgeleigh or Crystolite.

Bob nominated Mary to be the club’s voting member at the convention. Carol seconded the motion and it was approved.

Official member roster

Doug announced that he had not yet received the official member roster but HCA, but as soon as he does, he will complete it and mail it in. He asked if any members needed to modify their contact information on the roster. Bev announced that she has a new email address. Doug will update her contact information on the roster.

Vivian and Percy Moore Dinner

Doug asked if members plan to attend the dinner, which will be held in Newark October 13 through 15, along with the Heisey Fall Select Auction on October 14. Bob and Bev indicated they plan to attend. Mary and Doug are considering the possibility of attending but are not yet certain.

Bev said she believes HCA would like to ask the Northwoods Chapter to host an upcoming Vivian and Percy Moore Dinner. After brief discussion it was determined that if asked, we would indicate we may consider the possibility of hosting, but not for at least two or three years.

Bob and Bev reported that Heisey’s spring auction was not well attended. George and Kate, a couple from Bayfield, Wisconsin who are new to HCA, attended and purchased many Heisey items from the museum and many from the auction. Bev suggested we invite them to join our club.

Carol moved to adjourn the meeting at 2:48 p.m. JoAnn seconded the motion and it passed.

Show and Tell

Carol showed an eight-inch Star and Zipper nappy in Emerald. This pattern was made between 1896 and 1902.

Bev and Bob showed a “whimsy” piece of stemware with a Saturn bowl and Coventry stem in Zircon and a sherry stem in 5078 Park Avenue.

Doug and Mary showed a Revere or Yeoman cream and sugar with silver overlay and a tankard in Fancy Loop.


Gordon won the raffle prize donated by Marv and Joann – an Empress ice bucket with an unidentified cutting and hammered handle.

Bob served as auctioneer for the annual club auction. Courtney and Marc were the top bidders for many items and were happy to add them to their fledgling.

The total raised from the raffle and auction will be included in the next meeting minutes.


Mary and Doug served trés léche cake and other treats on orchid etched plates and strawberry-orange punch using their Crystolite punch bowl and cups.

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