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Meeting minutes for Aug. 12, 2017

Glasses included in the Is it Heisey presentation

The club met at the home of Bev and Bob. President Doug called the meeting to order at 1:06 p.m.

Members present were Bob and Bev, Larry, Virginia, Courtney and Marc, Carol and Gordon, and Doug and Mary. Guest Diane also attended. Members indicated they had read minutes, which had been distributed via email. Bob moved approval; Bev seconded the motion and minutes were approved.

Treasurer Bob distributed a report indicating that the treasury has a balance of $341.23. The club contributed $1,150 to the Heisey Club of America (HCA) endowment fund, most of which was earned through our fundraising auction and raffle in May. In addition, we had expenses of $92.25 for a “Minnesota basket” donated for the convention. Virginia moved approval; Bev seconded the motion and the treasurer’s report was approved. Bob noted that some members’ dues have not yet been paid.

Old Business

October meeting Doug reminded members that next month’s meeting will be at Marv and JoAnn’s home. Bev indicated the date must be changed as it is scheduled for the same weekend as HCA’s Percy and Vivian Moore Memorial Dinner. Doug will check with the Christensens about setting another date, perhaps Oct. 21.

Convention recap Bob and Bev, Courtney and Marc, Carol and Bob and Mary attended the convention, along with guest Linda. Total attendance was 180. Bob reported that everyone had a good time and that the club’s basket was well received.

Clubs from around the country presented contributions to HCA. The amount our club contributed seemed substantial given the size of our club in comparison with others.

When all study clubs presented information on their activities for the year, Courtney and Mary presented the club’s new website, which received many positive comments. Bev thanked them for their work on the website. She gave Courtney a Crystolite floral bowl and Mary an oval bowl in Punty and Diamond point.

Our club was represented by two table displays fitting the Heisey in Hollywood theme. Bev created a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed table setting using Stanhope, Saturn and Kohinoor glassware in zircon and a wrapped Tiffany’s gift box on a Revere plate with toast cover. Mary and Courtney’s Autograph Hounds in Tinseltown tablesetting featured a number of Ridgeleigh pieces with Lariat Moonglo stemware and cobalt accent pieces, including a Carcassonne cigarette holder. Both displays received many compliments.

New Business

Holiday party Members expressed interest in another holiday party. Mary and Doug agreed to host. The party could be held either Saturday or Sunday the first three weekends of December. During the October meeting we will set the date and determine what people will bring.

Percy and Vivian Moore Memorial Dinner Bob and Bev, Mary and Doug will attend the Percy and Vivian Moore Memorial Dinner in October in Newark. Because the dinner is in Newark, Ohio this year, it will be held in conjunction with HCA’s annual Fall Select Auction. This fundraising dinner is hosted at least every other year by clubs at various locations around the country. Bev suggested the possibility of Northwoods Heisey hosting a dinner. Attendance is usually 55 to 75. The event usually includes a small live auction as well as a silent auction and some social events at local members’ homes.

Bob moved that Bev and Mary and other interested members should be an exploratory committee to determine the feasibility of hosting the dinner and report back at the next meeting. Carole seconded the motion and it passed.

Calendar for 2018 In October we will set our calendar for 2018. In preparation, Doug asked members to think about hosting a meeting or presenting a program.

Mary moved to adjourn at 1:53 p.m. Courtney seconded the motion and it passed.


Bob presented an overview of Heisey barware, defining barware as “a vessel for storage, display, serving and consumption of liquids, either water, non alcohol or potent potables.”

He pointed out that a Clarence Vogel book said Heisey began production in 1896 primarily with barware, especially stemware. Clarets, cocktails, cordials, wines, shot glasses, bar glasses, cocktail shakers and more were all considered considered barware. Heisey produced more than 200 patterns that included 2 to 5 ounce glasses intended as barware.

Bob shared an interesting story told at the June HCA convention about a special set of Heisey barware with etchings of Disney’s Snow White characters made as a gift for Walt Disney. Disney declined the gift saying he didn’t want his wholesome movie to be identified with alcohol. Some pieces with Disney etchings have been found though they never went into production.

National and world events impacted production of Heisey barware. Not surprisingly, there was a drop in production after passage of the Volstead Act that launched Prohibition in 1919. Bob noted that once Prohibition began, Heisey cleverly changed the names of some items, for example, the martini pitcher was marketed as a tomato juice pitcher.

Prohibition was repealed in 1933 with the 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution. In the June issue of Table Talk that year, Heisey looked forward to an increased need for sales of beer glasses and mugs because the public had started drinking beer at home.

As the country recovered from the Great Depression and adjusted to the end of Prohibition, Heisey was able to increase production for a few years. Then World War II resulted in a shortage of workers and materials and curtailed the travel of Heisey’s salesmen. Production dropped again.

After the war, Heisey continued to produce fine glass in new, modern patterns by new designers such as Horace King and Eva Zeisel, but by this time most Americans seemed to prefer less expensive glass and Heisey gradually ceased production.

Bob shared 18 pieces of varied Heisey barware including a New Era cordial and pilsner, a Park Avenue sherry, a Gascony wine with Aztec cutting, a whimsy toddy glass, a Coronation old fashioned glass with Moonglo etch, a Ridgeleigh bitters bottle, a Victorian rye bottle, and two sizes of Cobel cocktail shakers.

Show and Tell Carole showed a Fandango ice cream tray she had purchased at the convention glass show. Doug showed a Crisscross nappy he had found on eBay and a Pinwheel bowl that caught his eye at an antique store in Hastings. Larry showed a Horsehead bookend. Courtney and Mark showed a Carcasonne goblet and sherbet in alexandrite and a Prince of Wales berry bowl set with gold trim, all from the Apple Tree Auction Bob showed a Winged Scroll celery in ivorina verde. Diane showed a Raindrop floral bowl in flamingo she received as a retirement gift and a Plantation pedestal bowl that had been a wedding gift from her grandmother to her mother. Mary showed a Fairacre pitcher with unknown cutting and a Punty and Diamond Point mucilage bottle, both purchased from Kim Carlisle. Bob showed a set of six 20th Century tumblers. Each tumbler was a different color.

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