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Meeting minutes for March 18, 2017

The club met at the home of Eileen. President Doug called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. Members present were Eileen, Chuck, Marv and JoAnn, Bob and Bev, Courtney and Marc, Carol and Gordon, and Doug and Mary. Members indicated they had read minutes, which had been distributed via email. Virginia moved approval; Joann seconded the motion and minutes were approved. Treasurer Bev passed out a report indicating that the club has a balance of $538.48 in the treasury. Eileen moved approval; Chuck seconded the motion and the treasurer’s report was approved. Members paid dues for the year. Old business Election The slate of officers was presented and Carole moved approval, Joann seconded the motion and it was approved. Officers are:

  • President - Doug

  • Treasurer - Bob

  • Secretary - Mary

  • Publicity - Courtney


Doug reviewed the club’s schedule for the year:

  • May 20, Doug and Mary, mini-auction and raffle. This meeting will be moved back to 1:30 p.m. because the hosts have a conflict that morning.

  • Aug. 12, Bob and Bev.

  • Oct. 14, Marv and Joann.

Annual club fundraiser

Doug reminded members to bring at least one item each for the mini-auction, which is a fundraiser for Heisey Club of America.

Winners of last year’s raffle, Marv and Joann, agreed to bring a raffle item. Bob volunteered to prepare tickets once again for the raffle. Website and logo preliminary designs The website committee of Mary, Courtney and Eileen reported on plans for a Northwoods Heisey website and logo. They had met between meetings to discuss website priorities that Eileen had gathered several years earlier when a website for the club was initially discussed. Courtney presented a number of designs for a club logo, options for a domain name and hosting service, and a proposed design for a website. As recommended by Courtney, Marv moved and Bob seconded the motion to use Porkbun to register the domain name and host the club’s website. The motion was approved. After discussion of seven potential domain names, Mary moved that be chosen as the domain name; Marv seconded the motion and it was approved. Mary led the group through a discussion of 12 logo options. Members expressed preferences for elements of the various logos presented and Courtney agreed to use the input to create several new options and send them by email to members. Members generally liked the potential website design Courtney presented. She plans to use large photos of Heisey glass in a rotating box on the homepage. Members brought some of their favorite pieces of colored Heisey to photograph for possible inclusion on the site. The subcommittee will meet again prior to the next meeting. New business National convention Doug announced that the theme for the upcoming national Heisey Convention will be Heisey in Hollywood. Clubs are once again encouraged to create and present table displays of Heisey glass to fit the theme. Last year Bob and Bev Heise won the table display competition. Bev and Bob do not plan to do another display this, but Courtney and Mary are considering teaming up on a display. The convention planning committee is also asking chapters to donate a piece of Heisey glass for the silent and/or live auctions as well as a basket with glass and items unique to their area of the country. Bev and Mary agreed to work together on a basket for the conference and Bev and Bob will consider donating an auction item. Virginia moved and Carole seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting at 2:05; motion approved.


The Verlys Moulds: Heisey’s French Connection

Chuck presented a well-researched and documented program tracing the history of Verlys glass, including its relationship with A.H. Heisey & Company. This history began when Otis Mygott, a friend of Augustus Heisey, founded the Holophane Glass Company in 1898, just two years after the founding of A.H. Heisey & Company. Holophane initially designed glass that others manufactured. A.H. Heisey & Company made Holophane’s glass between 1902 and 1911 but ceased doing so because some felt the company didn’t have enough time to manufacture both Heisey and Holophane glass.

Holophane eventually opened its own glassworks, first in Newark , OH, and later in London and France.

Verlys of France opened in 1931 to manufacture art glass. This was followed by Verlys of America in 1935. Both were subsidiaries of Holophane.

Verlys of America used moulds purchased from Verlys of France as well as some designed specifically for the company. Verlys of America ended production in 1951. A.H. Heisey & Company then leased 16 of its moulds and produced Verlys by Heisey from 1955 to 1957. Verlys was then produced by Fenton, 1966 to 2011, and, one item per year was produced by Holophane from 1984 to 2007 to serve as gifts for employees and customers.

Chuck displayed a number of Verlys items by all manufacturers. Those produced by Heisey were a turquoise etched Pine Cone Bowl and turquoise etched Wild Duck Bowl. Those made by Heisey were marked with a “Verlys by Heisey” foil label.

Show and Tell

Carol brought a Colonial cupped scallop candy tray and Bev shared a Crystolite leaf pickle dish during Show and Tell.


Following Show and Tell, Eileen served beautifully displayed treats.

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